Removing Keloid Scars Successfully And Naturally: How To Do It

By Judy Aulin

Keloid scars are usually characterized as an atypical scar that grows beyond the limits of the original area of a skin injury. This may not seem too bad but any person who has to go out in public with the actual keloid scar will tell you from personal experience how painful it is. Keloid skin issues can be very difficult skin conditions to live with.

African Americans and Hispanics are more more vulnerable to keloids scars than whites. There have been some surveys that have stated that keloid scars can run in families and that if you have had one keloid, you are at risk of forming another one at some point in the future. The upper arms, back, chest, and earlobes are the most frequent sites of keloid formation. Keloids can develop after surgical procedures or something as trivial as a scratch.

Since they are such hurtful scars mentally, people search everywhere for an effective keloid treatment option. Finding a cure for keloids is difficult because some everyday treatments for normal scar removal can make make keloids even bigger. It is important to understand a few things about specific treatments to calculate whether they are actually effective in treating keloids or not.

Keloid Scar FAQ

People use pressure bandages to try to lessen the diameter of keloids. These fitted cloths are worn over the actual keloid scar for a period of up to one year in an attempt to compress the keloid and make it less noticeable.


This is useful in preventing new keloid scars from developing because it keeps collagen and elastin bundles from expanding into raised scars. 12 months is a long time to wear bandages. If someone feels the psychological burden of keloids, just covering them up is not going to erase them from the mind.

Steroid shots are used while keloids are still growing in an effort to impair their growth. Injections with a intimidating needle are never enjoyable and sometimes quite painful. Any cut can actually aggravate the keloid, making it larger.

People frequently opt for keloid scar removal techniques in their quest for perfect skin. There are some major flaws with this way of eliminating keloid scars. Keloid scars can reappear after the technique and be larger and more painful.There is a 50% chance of recurrence after surgical removal. These are not good odds when discussing keloids.

The Most Effective Remedy for Keloid

Removing keloid scars just got a lot easier with a special biological discovery. There is a biological way to reduce keloid scars through topical usage of a new all natural treatment product. There are no hazardous ingredients that can inflame the keloid further or telling garments that show everyone you are attempting to cure something. It is a complete and balanced keloid scar product that stimulates the natural remodeling reactions of your own skin.

How to Remove Keloid Scars

When used topically on the skin, the ingredients in the cream will fuse with your own skin cells and work biologically to:

* Manage dermal fibroblast development and overabundant collagen, and thus avoids and abates keloid scars.

* Regulate dead skin cell removal by using its natural enzyme to discipline cellular transmissions. All natural ingredients ‘digest’ the keloids and liberate their amino acid components for the remodeling phase.

* Incite fibroblast production through the use of the amino acid components of the dissolved keloids.Higher levels of collagen and elastin are needed to renew growth in the spot where the scar existed. Old, dead or dying cells are naturally removed and replaced with fresh collagen and elastin components.

Keloid scars are very difficult to live with. Finding an effective keloid scar treatment is important since some treatments can actually worsen the condition.

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