Soccer or football, which was initially started as the game of the peasants and the poor people is now the most popular sport of the world.

Millions of people across the globe take keen interest in this sport and shower their love for their favorite teams in different ways. Though every fan has the desire to play for their favorite team at least once in their lifetime, it is not possible for everyone to make their dreams come true. It is not possible for everyone to be a part of the team but anyone and everyone can purchase soccer jerseys of their favorite team and sport them to show their love for the team. If you are looking for a soccer jersey of your team, you can check out the stores selling custom soccer jerseys.

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Custom soccer jerseys only appear attractive when they are done on the good quality fabrics. So, check out whether the soccer jerseys you have selected has a good fabric or not. Apart from the fact, you should also check out how the customization work has been done. If the customization work has been done in an appropriate manner, it will have a better look. However, the jerseys which lack the skills of customization will not be able to give you the effects that you have desired. So, be a bit extra careful.

Custom soccer jerseys can be purchased from different online stores. If you do not have the time to move on to the shopping malls and plazas, you can surely check out for the soccer jerseys sold by the online stores. By glancing through the online catalogues of a few different stores, you will be able to make the best deal possible. When you are planning to purchase the best soccer jerseys at a reasonable pricePsychology Articles, you should spend some time in making the decision.

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From the time you were young, you probably heard that everyone over the age of one should see the dentist at least twice a year. You may be wondering why that is since a majority of the time your teeth are okay. Most people dread going to the dentist, but those who do not go may regret their decision later in life. So, why is it important and what happens during these visits? We will discuss that below.

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What Happens During A Six Month Dental Visit?

To keep your smile as perfect as it is, this is paramount. Some of the things that you should expect during your visit are outlined below.

• A Thorough Physical Examination.

Your teeth and gums will be looked at extensively to ensure that they are in good condition. Any signs of decay, gum disease or even oral cancer will be checked and established. Any dental issues that you may have will be pointed out when they are still small and manageable. It will be better for you since it will mean that there will be less invasive treatments, you will spend less time on that dental chair that you are afraid of and also the money you spend will be less as compared to when it is detected late.

• Professional Dental Cleaning.

You may be brushing your teeth thrice a day, but you will always find that some areas have been missed once you go to the dentist. Plaque can occur on the hard to reach areas which may require the dentist to do it since they have the appropriate tools for the task. You should note that plaque that remains on the teeth even after thorough brushing turns to tartar which cannot be removed at home. It is more severe and will require to be removed by a professional. Having your six-month visit will reduce the chances of you having gum disease since the plaque and tartar will be removed.

• X-Rays Will Be Performed.

These will be done to check for the small cavities and enamel wear that occurs due to the grinding of teeth. These x-rays are also done to verify that the wisdom teeth are growing correctly as they are supposed to. They pinpoint all the small problems that cannot be seen with our naked eye.

Here’s Why Dentists recommend it.

Skipping these check-ups may have some consequences that are serious and also unsightly. These are some of the reasons you should not skip them.

• To Keep Your Teeth.

On a daily basis, your teeth face many threats to their stability. The enamel can be eroded due to the advancement of gum disease. The bone that anchors the teeth may be weakened, and this may lead to the loss of one. The best way to protect your teeth from this is to see a dentist regularly for treatment and also cleaning. Most people think that brushing their teeth periodically solves the problem. However, this is not the case since you will only see what is in the mirror, hence some areas will be neglected. Tooth decay can be spotted early if you visit regularly and to prevent any further damage, you may be advised on how to improve your brushing technique, using a fluoride mouthwash, using floss or even changing g your diet. The enamel is usually fortified by the professional by some topical fluoride treatments that are very powerful hence the teeth are protected from decay and also protecting you from the risk of having to remove your affected teeth if they are damaged beyond repair. Doing this is the best way to ensure that you eliminate the need of using dentures later on in life.

• To Improve Your Overall Health.

Poor oral health can lead to some adverse body health effects such as in the cardiovascular region. There have been several studies that have linked gum disease and stroke, heart disease and also in some cases, early labor in expectant women. Lack of proper brushing causes gum disease since their health is neglected. The bacteria from the plaque that is in the teeth can enter the bloodstream through these gums and cause infections. It is why removing plaque is essential and also having the gums checked.

• To Maintain A Fresh Breath.

Nothing can put people off than bad breath. People will not take you seriously and will label you as a dirty person. The build-up of bacteria in the mouth can cause this awful breath. Mouthwash may be an excellent solution to this problem but at times seeing a professional may be required. The mouth will be cleaned thoroughly hence the bacterias will be no more. Plaque and other germs that may be in those hard to reach areas causing you to have bad breath are removed, and you are left with a fresh feeling.

• To Detect Oral Cancer.

The same way that regular screenings are required to check for cancer is the same for dental check-ups. Most people think that only tobacco users and smokers are the ones vulnerable to this cancer which is not the case. Oral cancers are caused by a virus called HPV, which can be also be found in the mouths of people who refrain from smoking. The sad thing is that this cancer is very dangerous, aggressive and even deadly since most people do not seek help until it is too late. The symptoms come in the later stages hence going to see a dentist early may help you in beating this disease, if you have it.

• Educate You On Good Oral Habits.

It is only from having these visits that the dentist will educate you on how to keep your teeth in their best condition and prevent damage. Those with some bad oral habits such as smoking, those that eat too much of sweets, drink a lot of coffee, or red wine should not miss these appointments since they will be given options of dealing with them to have healthy teeth.

When it comes to oral health, we are recommended to be proactive. The only way to have good dental hygiene and prevent yourself from having oral diseases is by ensuring that you spare time for dental check-ups in your busy routine.

The world and the Internet are filled with artists. Artists are everywhere! Because of the competition, only a few get noticed and make money at it.

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Take these for instance, on the Internet,, and Sure they receive an immense amount of visitors per month,, has almost 16,000 artists and over 100,000 pieces of art, has at least 10,000 artists and over 90,000 pieces of art and has 8,000 artists and 62,000 pieces of art!

It takes numerous traits to be an artist and businessperson! Some can be taught and some can not.

The Tips Are Not In Any Particular Order, Each One Is Important

You Will Find Out, The More Tips You Initiate,

The More Successful You Will Become!

* Choose a medium that you have a passion for.

* Do your homework. Study that medium; study the style of all the artists in the world in that medium that you can.

* Do what 99% of people won’t do.

* Give yourself a business name, example: {First Name Last Name Acrylic Painting Artist} and open a completely separate bank account for the business.

* Create your own style! Be different and stand out from the crowd. TV show producers and magazine editors look for this and it also eliminates most of the competition.

* Offer your art in a wide price range. Have something for all wallet sizes.

* Always give the customer more than they expected to get.

* People love to deal with professionals. Present a class act. Always present yourself, art and business in a professional matter. That includes having a logo, letterhead, business card and the merchandising that accompanies your art.

* Sell your artwork merchandised with a certificate, folder and a brief biography/profile, especially if it is a one of a kind piece. People appreciate this and it also documents the piece for future reference. Tell a little about the piece in a description such as the title of the piece, what type of medias were used in creating it, the style of art it is, its size, the year it was created and always sign it.

* No matter where you are selling, if you give the majority of people too many choices, they get confused, overwhelmed and can’t make a decision on what to buy. Depending on the size of artworks you create, Exhibiting 25-50 should give enough of a selection without being overwhelming.

Keep an album portfolio handy and if people wish to see more, you can let them browse through it. Better yet, you can leave it close to you and people will look through it. Just keep a close eye on it. Make sure that all the photos are marked with the artwork name, medium and price. They have albums with room above the photo so you can place 1″ x 3″ white or transparent labels. You can even write sold on the ones, you have sold.

You can also direct and help people decide which will create more sales by for example if you sell limited edition prints, marking the prints that sell best. Actually with the above, people will go one of two ways, they will either decide to go with something that is marked that they like or decide not to follow the crowd and purchase something that isn’t marked. All artists have favorites of their artworks, just mark your favorite ones. If you have a lot, alternate them with each show or exhibition.

* Get a Merchant account so you can accept credit cards. A lot of people like using them to make purchases. 75% of my sales are paid with a credit card and 9 out of 10 of my credit card sales, people use either Visa or MasterCard. It is rare that anyone gets denied a Merchant account, the reason being you are not applying for any type of credit. The credit card companies will get 1%-3% commission on every one of your sales.

* From years of experience, the best way to sell your artworks is retail, you selling them directly to customers. Selling wholesale, to retail stores and galleries, you are only going to get approximately 50% of the retail selling price. Artist agents {managers} usually receive 10%-25% in commission fees of each sale they make. If they get a gallery to sell your artworks, their commission comes out of your net profit. With the extra money you are receiving, you can do a lot of self advertising and promotional stunts. Besides, unless you have a lot places and they are vastly spread out or they are in tourist traps that are selling your artworks, you are only promoting your artworks and name to a minute percentage of people in a very small area.

Are you looking for tender writing and bid management services in Australia? Darlo Technical Writing provides tender writing, editing & technical writing to improve technical documentation.

At Darlo Technical Writing we are a premier tender writing business delivering services to client’s right across Queensland. As tender writers delivering writing services to businesses and non profits across Australia one of the most overlooked strategies we believe in winning tenders is the preparation phase. Most businesses and non profits focus on trying to write a great story when they identify a suitable respond to tender requirements as best as they can but the vast majority do not do the preparation phase justice at all.

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Before even considering applying for a tender writing services in Brisbane the tender yourselves or engaging a specialist writing company like Darlo Technical Writing we strongly suggest that you undertake a robust self examination and also undertake extensive research to identify all possible tender opportunities which you might want to consider.

The research stage is vital given that the more potential opportunities you can identify that might fit your business and your overall goals and objectives then the more chances of you might have of winning a tender and the more opportunities you might have to expand your business. Government, Council and commercial tenders are generally advertised heavily in major newspapers across Australia, generally on a Wednesday and Saturday. So any business or non profit thinking of looking at tenders should read the papers each week. Also obviously you can find tender opportunities on line via the newspapers, via Government/Council/Commercial websites and on dedicated tender identification websites. You can certainly set up an alert on your computer so that you are notified every time a tender is released which matches your search criteria – is landscaping supplies, widgets, lawn mowing contracts, construction etc.

Once you have identified possible opportunities then you need to thoroughly and critically assess the tender requirements and what you will be asked to deliver. This really is a vital stage because you must really analyse your business and identify if you have the capacity, skill, experience required by the tender. If you are not sure or you meet some but not all of the requirements then it is simple – Don’t apply. This assessment should be brutal because if there is any doubt I would suggest you be smart and not apply and look for other tender opportunities. You don’t want to waste your time, you don’t want to waste your money (because it should take a significant amount of your staff’s time to prepare a robust money in engaging a tender writing company) and you certainly don’t want to waste the time of the Government agency, Council, Commercial entity who have released the tender. Their staffs certainly don’t want to waste their time assessing a tender from a business or non profit where clearly that business has lodged the tender submission on a whim and a prayer.

At Darlo Technical Writing we have vast experience in working with tender writing clients across Australia. As tender writers we are without peer given my consultants either has past experience in tender writing or they have experience as senior public servants tasked with assessing tender responses.

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A compilation of brief news reports for Tuesday, January 13, 2009.


  • 1 Anti-government protests in Riga, Latvia cause riots
  • 2 Obama will close Guantanamo Bay in his first week say advisers
  • 3 Greek shipping magnate kidnapped in Athens
  • 4 Microsoft permits additional Windows 7 beta downloads
  • 5 Cristiano Ronaldo crowned Footballer of the Year
  • 6 Change of mind: Democrats accept Burris
  • 7 Obama inauguration to appear in Lego form

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Los Navegantes, Pichilemu, Chile — Paulina Constanza Tapia Figueroa, 25, a surfer native to Pichilemu, known worldwide as the “Surf Capital”, died on Monday, at Punta de Lobos beach, about seven kilometers south of the city.

Her body was discovered by fishermen in the area, who called Pichilemu Police officers, who along with Homicide Brigade of the Investigations Police of Chile (PDI) officers, arrived at the place and took the body to the Forensic Medical Service offices in San Fernando.

Tapia had been practicing surfing for years, and earlier that day, had been accompanied with her friends. “A shellfish diver of the area noticed a surfboard floating, he approached it and saw that the girl [Tapia] was semisubmerged in the water. After taking her out, he realized she was dead,” Juan Reyes, officer of the Homicide Brigade of PDI told Televisión Nacional de Chile.

According to reports, Tapia either died because of a heart attack or after being hit. Third-party participation in her death was ruled out by officers.

“She had a free spirit, she loved nature, and I don’t really know what happened to her, a cramp [maybe],” Filippo Tapia, her father, told La Tercera. Josefa Tapia, her 14-year-old sister who is studying at Colegio Preciosa Sangre, seemed very affected by her death after being informed of the situation by school inspectors.

“Your sister will always be watching out and protecting you from heaven, remember the moments you and your family lived with her ??and that made ??you happy,” a friend of Josefa wrote on her Facebook wall.

Photos, videos, and messages such as “Paulita, rest in peace with love, I’ll miss you a lot, great waves and farewell forever,” and “My friend, I know you are in a better place having a really good time, you’re the best! I love you infinitely!” flooded Paulina Tapia’s Facebook wall.

Tapia’s body remained in the Forensic Medical Service of San Fernando on Tuesday morning, according to reports. According to Domingo Osorio Figueroa, Paulina Tapia’s remains have been veiled since Tuesday’s afternoon in the dependencies of Funerales Rodríguez, in Rancagua, capital of O’Higgins Region. A mass will be performed in the Rancagua Sur Catholic Parish, at 11:30 local time (14:30 UTC) on Wednesday, and then she will be buried in Parque Jardín Las Flores, in Machalí.

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To own a house, is one of the most cherished dreams of an individual. But to maintain it, is one of the most cumbersome, back-breaking and time-taking jobs. Scattered belongings strewn across the house, doesn’t seem inviting to others who visit your house. To maintain a proper organization of every stuff, proper allocation of space needs to be done. In such scenarios, furniture, such as cabinet, provide the much needed adjustment in a space constrained household.

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There are several kinds of cabinets available in the market. Amongst them, the most preferable are the Ready to Assemble or RTA cabinets. The ready to assemble furniture provide a customer with both space for storage as well as comfort of luxury that one wants to have in their households. Suited for different purposes in a household, these cabinets have been designed to suit according to the individual preferences. The furniture has already been designed in parts. All that a customer needs to do is to get an expert to tighten the nuts into the hinges and at other slots. One can even do the job himself, as a manual is also provided in the package. More and more people have started preferring this furniture over getting a new one made from scratch, as it takes a lot of time, money and labour to be invested in it. According to the various requirements in a household, various different kinds of cabinets are available in the market like bathroom vanities cabinet, wall cabinets, and kitchen cabinets amongst other such varieties. Kitchen is one of the places amongst all other places in a house of an individual. For every food item being supplied, it requires a chariness to be given so that none mix up or is left in open for the fear of a pest outbreak. The kitchen cabinets are therefore, the best supple solution towards this problem. The RTA kitchen cabinets are amongst the best choices for the customers that help in easy re-location of the parts when moving from one place to another. The cabinets designed with materials that radiate ambience and a feeling of luxury. The cabinets exude a sense of comfortableness which an individual desires. The customers have got the freedom to book any size of the cabinet, choose from a list of qualitative materials that the cabinets are carved out of, and pick the preferred colours choices that accompany with the material.

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ian Narev, the CEO of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, this morning “unreservedly” apologised to clients who lost money in a scandal involving the bank’s financial planning services arm.

Last week, a Senate enquiry found financial advisers from the Commonwealth Bank had made high-risk investments of clients’ money without the clients’ permission, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars lost. The Senate enquiry called for a Royal Commission into the bank, and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

Mr Narev stated the bank’s performance in providing financial advice was “unacceptable”, and the bank was launching a scheme to compensate clients who lost money due to the planners’ actions.

In a statement Mr Narev said, “Poor advice provided by some of our advisers between 2003 and 2012 caused financial loss and distress and I am truly sorry for that. […] There have been changes in management, structure and culture. We have also invested in new systems, implemented new processes, enhanced adviser supervision and improved training.”

An investigation by Fairfax Media instigated the Senate inquiry into the Commonwealth Bank’s financial planning division and ASIC.

Whistleblower Jeff Morris, who reported the misconduct of the bank to ASIC six years ago, said in an article for The Sydney Morning Herald that neither the bank nor ASIC should be in control of the compensation program.

Friday, September 2, 2005

A man from North London is currently training for an attempt at flying a hang glider across the UK from land’s End to John O’Groats.

Shola Ogunlokun a 41 year old married father of 3 who had never flown a hangglider before taking up this challenge said yesterday “I aim to fulfill a dream offlying, use the challenge as an opportunity to meet the people of Britain andencourage people of similar ethnic backgrounds as me to pursue their dreams”.

Shola is on stage 2 of a 3 stage training programme, and has flown a glider offa 2000ft mountain on completion of stage 1 of his training. He is currentlylooking for sponsors and in talks with a TV production about making adocumentary of his attempt.

The flight attempt is currently planned for around Autumn next year, should takebetween 5-7 days, and Shola would like to spend the night of each flight at thehome of a local in the town he lands. If successful, Shola will be the firstperson to have flown a hang glider across the UK over this distance.

Shola has an online diary charting his progress at http://mbchallenge.blogspot.comFor further details, or to contact Shola, please visit his website:

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Critic Robert Fulford wrote of legendary civic preservationist Jane Jacobs that she “came down firmly on the side of spontaneous inventiveness of individuals, as against abstract plans imposed by governments and corporations.” With certain alterations, the same could be said of author and journalist Trisha Posner, who penned the popular Health Watch column in Miami’s Ocean Drive magazine.

Posner was fired for expressing her opinion on a YouTube video about regulations affecting her South Beach neighborhood. Like many rejuvenated communities in the United States, Posner’s historic south Fifth Street has become the Tribeca of Miami, a fashionable, trendy nightspot with a maelstrom of growth in hotels, restaurants and boutiques that have out-priced many long-term residents.

Local activist Frank Del Vecchio asked Posner if she would appear in the eight-minute Close the Loophole video, directed by Emmy award-winning documentarian Robyn Symon, to state her belief that a loophole that allows popular local restaurants such as Prime One Twelve and Devito South Beach to exist in her residential neighborhood should be amended to limit the amount of seats in the establishments in proportion to their number of rooms. Her segment began, “Hi, I’m Trisha Posner. I’m a journalist and columnist for Ocean Drive magazine. I am married to Gerald Posner, the author.” Within a few hours after her appearance, she was fired by Ocean Drive publisher Jerry Powers.

Posner was aghast and bewildered. Attractive and comely, as a health columnist she is an unlikely candidate as a civic instigator; but those qualities belie Posner’s buffalo stance on doing what she feels is right for her community. “I hate being in the public eye and I prefer to be low key,” Posner told Wikinews in an interview. “To do the video I was nervous. Only in person do I feel comfortable.” Wikinews reporter David Shankbone recently spoke with Posner.

DS: What were the circumstances surrounding your dismissal?

TP: In South Beach and in Miami there are neighborhood associations like South of Fifth Neighborhood Association, which [Posner’s husband] Gerald is President of, and they all try to work together to make living in the neighborhood synergized with the nightlife and the restaurants. This issue involved another, Frank Del Vecchio, President of 301 Ocean Drive condominium association. Frank asked me to be part of a video against a loophole where restaurants can have so many seats that they effectively become a nightclub. On the video there are five others besides me. An entertainer, a school teacher…and then I’m sitting there on a bench. At about 4:40 we wrapped up and I left. When I got home there was a phone message from [editor-in-chief] Glenn Albin saying, ‘Trisha, Trisha, Jerry is running around the place…’ and I thought it was a joke. I started laughing. Gerald said he didn’t think it was a joke, but I had not done anything. Then I received an anonymous e-mail: Jerry Powers had got a phone call from a hotel person that said ‘one of your representatives from the magazine is down here bad mouthing nightlife, hotels, etc.’ The magazine’s publicist panicked and called Powers, who then runs all the way down to City Hall and asks ex-Mayor Neisen Kasdin to let him speak before the City Council. He says that Trisha was not for him, and that Ocean Drive is for entertainment and hotels in South Beach. Then he said I was fired as he left.

DS: Did you receive a call from Jerry Powers?

TP: I never heard from Jerry Powers; he never phoned me, e-mailed. I still have never heard from him. I phoned the office the next day, and [Managing Editor] Eric Newill tells me my services would no longer be required. I had one piece ready, and one piece in the issue. The saddest thing is that I lost my friendship with Eric. Eric was my friend before he was my editor. He is friends with Jerry Powers. Eric wrote me an e-mail that it had played out too publicly and that he wished me good luck in my future endeavors. What kind of friendship is that?

DS: Had you informed the magazine of your appearance beforehand?

TP: Eric knew I was doing a video, and I did it in my friend’s hotel. I don’t remember if I told them what it was for. But the video wasn’t a secret. In the future I will ask permission. But it’s childish. I can’t believe Jerry Powers took this and made it an issue. Nobody would have known about it, and now I’m all over the place. He made Trisha Posner a star. I can’t go anywhere without people saying, ‘Yay, good for you!’ And they still have not paid me for my last piece. I sent them another e-mail on the 17th. They owe me $1,000. They have not written back to me, they have not phoned me. Why are they being so childish?

DS: Did you ever have any other problems at the magazine?

TP: No, I never had an issue and I had the best working relationship with this magazine. I have nothing bad to say about the magazine. I had a fabulous relationship—a unique relationship with my editor. I had never worked so well with an editor of a magazine my entire career. It was so easy, he is so smart, cerebral…it’s unbelievable. But they also got a lot out of me. They got Tina Brown through me. Bill Maher. I have an incredible track record. It was not hard for me to phone people and get them for the magazine. And I never used them for my advantage at all; I never used the magazine to get into restaurants or events. People say you never went to the parties, but I’m over that. I used to be a Studio 54 girl. I just really enjoyed my health column. They allowed me to write in my own voice.

DS: Why do you think Powers fired you?

TP: It’s all advertising driven, but I’m interviewing people for a new book who have advertised in his magazine. It wasn’t a big deal for anybody. The very next day Miami Magazine picked me up. He had a knee-jerk reaction. He didn’t even phone me. Wouldn’t you think he would phone me and say, ‘What the hell are you doing?’ and I would have been like, ‘Oh, I didn’t realize.’ Besides, I was crazy about my editor! Why would I try to hurt him? I hope one day I can work with Eric again.

DS: Has any other employee of Ocean Drive appeared publicly before and been identified as such?

TP: As far as I know I’m the first one, that’s why I made history. But I wasn’t talking about Ocean Drive. I hadn’t thought that under my name were the words ‘Columnist for Ocean Drive’. I didn’t see anything. Later I had e-mails from Tina Brown, everybody…they were really supportive.

DS: Your husband, author Gerald Posner, wrote a piece in The Huffington Post about your dismissal. Several of the comments to it state that since Ocean Drive is a large glossy magazine dependent upon advertising from the entertainment industry, that you bit the hand that fed you. How do you respond to such criticism?

TP: That’s the stupidest thing I have ever heard, because it had nothing to do with Ocean Drive. There is another world. I’m not against development; if you listen to my statement I talk about how much I love the nightlife, how I love entertainment. But we all have to learn to live together. I know South Beach is party town, but we can live together. Let’s clean up our shit, take our garbage out, be respectful to our neighbors and also to the entertainment industry.

DS: Some of the comments that were made in HuffPo were that even though it was despicable that you were fired for expressing your opinion on a civic matter, that you should have expected it. Do you think comments like that are par for the course of apathy in the United States today, where people disagree with something, but shrug their shoulders instead?

TP: I think we live in dangerous times because of corporate America—people are really scared to speak out about anything; it is really dangerous. Freedom of speech. I came to live here in this country because it was for freedom of speech. I love America, and it has everything I could have dreamed of: the most incredible husband, friends, everything. But they are chipping away at it. One company is one company, but it shows how dangerous it is. What happens when the Rupert Murdochs own everything? They are trying to gag us. It is very dangerous. Whether it is the film industry, the music industry, D.C., they are trying to strangle all of us. All these regulations of what we can or can’t do. Does it mean if I have an opinion that I have to be gagged or not say who I am or what I think? What can and can’t I say? Maybe I’m just too black and white. I think we need to just chill out here. It wasn’t about Ocean Drive or Jerry Powers. It was about my home and my friends. I was helping out Frank. It was about the loophole and the Bijou [hotel]. I think what really freaked them out was that the video was professionally done.

DS: Another comment said, “The magazine itself sounds like a total contribution of everything that [is] wrong with America right now. Instead of promoting smart growth and longevity, it prostitutes itself to every new development, even at the cost of other developments (advertisers) who will lose out when this new one opens.” What are your thoughts on the magazine?

TP: I have an opinion about Ocean Drive. I used to say I don’t know who reads my columns, but I know they look good and I have an excellent following because people would stop me on the street or give me tons of e-mails. I understand what they are saying, but it is South Beach and that magazine works for South Beach. It’s been around for 13/14 years. I think that it’s healthy there is competition coming in. But the demographics for the magazine are people in their mid-twenties and early thirties. I didn’t realize that.

DS: What are your feelings about Jerry Powers?

TP: This man is a bully, and he wanted to bully me. He is not going to scare me. I’ve been in this business 20 years, and there is only one man who scares me: my husband.