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Why Hiring a Mara Agent for Australia Makes Sense?


Immigration HelpMigrating to another country is never an easy decision. More apprehensions surface if your chosen destination has stringent emigration laws/bylaws in place. This is when people seek the help of immigration experts. However, even this always does not solve the issue. There is an overwhelming volume of service providers in this niche. Things get more complex when you choose a country like Australia. Yes, Australia offers immigration opportunity to skilled professionals but the pathway is quite complex. There are many intricacies involved and navigating these without professional help seems impossible. This discussion is about why & how to employ the services of a MARA Agent (Australia).

First, Get the Basics Right!

You will come across many immigration consultants / experts who boast about migration solutions for Australia / Canada / New Zealand. However, a safer bet is to choose Licensed / Registered Immigration consultant with immigration authorities in Australia / Canada / New Zealand. These professionals have specialized knowledge for chosen destination. For instance, if you want to make Australia your home, seek the services of Australian Registered Migration Agents.

Taking this discussion further, we would also like to discuss some tips for choosing an Australian Immigration Consultant.

Tip 1: Hire a Registered MARA Agent

Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) is an authority that grants approval to Migration agents. MARA Agents also help in accomplishing legal formalities that often includes lots of paperwork and protocols. Being a part of Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship Group, MARA Registration holds high credibility. Check MARA registration details of an immigration agent before you sign the contract. MARA Registration increases the degree of credibility associated with a licensed migration expert.

Tip 2: Ask for a Fixed Quote

Be a well-informed decision-maker, ask for fixed best price before signing the contract.

Tip 3: Have One-to-One Conversation with Immigration Specialists

Personal interaction can be the reality-check you need. Email and mobile communication come with a standard approach. Meeting your immigration agent in person is bound to provide more clarity. This presents a greater likelihood of getting valuable insight.

Concluding the Discussion

MARA Agents present a higher probability of getting genuine, reasonably priced services. They are more likely to empower you with honest details and cover the entire gamut of migration services, from visa submission to regulatory clearances.

This information is of a general nature and should not be taken as authoritative legal advice for specific cases. Australia has a scheme that requires persons who give immigration assistance to be registered as a migration agent. The writer, Mr. Sanjayai Kapoor is a registered migration agent based in Adelaide, Australia. We are having an office in India (Delhi).

You can contact the author by email at

Unregistered migration practice is illegal and prospective visa applicants should do a simple name check on MARA site before engaging the services of anyone purporting to provide migration advice.

If you do not find your immigration agent on MARA site, it is an indication that he is not registered. Do not use the services of such an immigration agent /consultant.

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immigration to Australia

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CTET Admit Card For CTET Examination Is Issued On 17th August 2016


Andrew Thomas

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSC) is going to conduct the Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET). The 10th edition of CTET 2016 will be conducted on 18th September 2016. The candidates who are going to perform in the examination are informed that you have to carry the CTET 2016 Admit Card for September month exam which will be obtainable from 17th August 2016 on the official website. Without the hall ticket no applicant will be permissible to appear for the exam.

CTET Admit Card 2016

The Central Board of Secondary Education usually known as CBSE will be forming the CTET 2016 examination on 18th September 2016 for the 10th edition, in which a large numbers of candidates will appear. The examination is taken to permit the applicants (particularly those who need to make their career in the teaching sector) to accomplish their dream of teaching. CBSE is the central board of education in India which is located at the New Delhi, India.


It is well recognized to control also own the education system in the schools allied to it. CBSC also awards affiliation to the schools across the nation as well as conducts the examination and also offers a certificate to the capable candidates. Candidates who want to appear in the examination had functional online from the official website stated below till the last date.

YouTube Preview Image

CTET 2016 Hall Ticket

CTET i.e. Central Teacher Eligibility Test, 2016, is going to be an objective type paper consisting multiple choice questions (MCQs). It includes two question papers. Paper 1 is conducted for Primary Level Teacher and Paper 2 is conducted for Junior Level and Upper Primary School Teacher. The examination will be held on 18th September 2016. The duration of both the papers will be 2.30 hours on CTET FEB examination date. The timings for Paper 1 will be from 9:30 AM to 12:00 PM for class 1 to class v and paper 2 will commence from 02:00 PM to 04:30 PM for classes VI to VIII duration of papers will be 2.30 hours on CTET FEB examination date.

CTET 2016 Eligibility Criteria:

Education Qualification- Candidates must have cleared the 10+2 education with minimum 50% marks as well as have qualified the 2 Years diploma in the basic education.

Age Limit: There is no age restriction for applying for the CTET 2016. Applicants who are interested as well as are eligible can apply for this Job vacancy as soon as possible.

Important Dates Schedule-

*Date for CTET admit card issue- 17th August 2016

*Exam date for CTET- 18th September 2016

Paper timing

*Paper II- 9.30 AM 12.30 Noon

*Paper I- 2.00 PM 4.30 PM

*Date of announcement of result on or before- 2nd Week of November 2016

Candidates be prepare for the CTET exam as it is near to arrival and only few more days are remaining thus go through with all their subjects and practice as much as they can do. It is golden opportunity for all those who want to make their career in teaching sector.

Author is an online writer who love to write on various topics this time he is sharing information on

CTET Admit Card 2016

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Submitted by: Edward West

Today there is plenty of SEO consultants in London,who are all members of a SEO agency or another. Choosing the right SEO agency UK is crucial as it may affect your business or businesses. Prior to deciding on which SEO agency in London you opt for, you should evaluate the portfolio of that company, industry experience, costs and skills. In addition to these factors, there are several issues that should be kept in mind. Below are some tips.

As a startup or new business owner it’s important to rival your competition early on, a digital platform is a great opportunity to sell your concept to the world and be seen and heard by an unlimited number of potential customers, an Insite SEO consultant uk will be able to present you with the perfect solution for your business.

Company history – Check the portfolio of the SEO agency. Try a Google search. If it is among the first in the search results, it means that they are good at SEO. Read reviews, ask people on forums, visit their website. Dothey have enough experience in the industry? Does their offer match your objectives? After doing thorough research, look for clients’ testimonials. You also can call customers to verify the testimonials are genuine.

YouTube Preview Image

Experience of the company – Look for how long the SEO agency UKhas been on the market. Age of the company does not always matter, but it may be a good clue. If the company has existed for more than 5 years, it means that they are pretty well built in their businesses. Companies which have been longer on the market are usually considered to be managed pretty well.

Terms and Conditions – Any serious company must have Terms and Conditions publicly displayed on the site. Understand these terms and conditions before you sign any contract with the SEO agency London. Ask them questions. Are there any hidden fees? Which are the methods of payment? Do they include updates and maintenance fees? Are there extensive costs? Also, a reliableSEO agency in Londonmust have contact information, and they must be very responsive to your needs.

Flexibility – A good SEO agency London must pay a lot of attention to your needs. This means that they have to be flexible and adapt to what you want to achieve. Best companies will have an effective team of SEO consultants in London who can communicate well with the clients. They will use a mobile phone, Skype, email and other tools to communicate with you.

References – Checkthe references of the firm you are interested in. Most companies will provide references when they are requested. A lot of companies will present only the positive things. It is therefore important to check if these are genuine.

Hopefully these tips will help you choose the right company. If you want a suggestion, here it is: Insite SEO is a SEO agency London which meets all these requirements. You can count on this professional company for all the SEO services you need for your business.

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By James Calvin

When conducting due diligence research work, part of the process is free online searches for criminal records. You will be amazed to know how much you can learn through the Internet alone. A diverse medium, the Internet offers several web portals to tons of public record information which can help you with your free online searches for criminal records. Below are some of these websites, along with brief descriptions of the type of information they contain.

Just one more thing before conducting your free online searches for criminal records using the list of site below, understand that there is no such thing as a ‘nationwide’ database of public records available either on line or off line. The closest you’re ever going to get to a nationwide database is the FBI database and that is not considered public information. Therefore, your only choice in widening the scope of your free online searches for criminal records is to check out every available database out there. Doing it online is much cheaper and way more convenient than having to go out there and manually retrieving information from office data files.

Free Online Searches for Criminal Records:

– ATF Online

ATF Online website is an initiative by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (U.S. Department of Justice) in its continuing effort to combat violent crime in cooperation with other federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. The site provides a list of most wanted individuals upon whom outstanding warrants of arrests were issued.

YouTube Preview Image

This is an excellent website to check out while doing your free online searches for criminal records. Here you can find wanted persons who fit the following description: seriousness of the crime committed, past criminal record of the defendant, potential for the defendant to be a dangerous menace to society based on the current or past charges, and belief that publicity afforded by the program will be of assistance in apprehending the wanted person.

Free Online Searches for Criminal Records:

– U.S. DEA

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration keeps a list of DEA fugitives. You can use this as a resource in your free online searches for criminal records. The list includes the first and last name of the fugitive, accompanied by a photo. If you click on any of the names, the page will show you some more additional details about the person, such as offense information, jurisdiction, alias, race, last known address, et cetera.

Free Online Searches for Criminal Records:

– Bureau of Prisons

The Federal Bureau of Prisons is responsible for the custody and care of sentenced Federal inmates, as well as a significant number of pretrial detainees and pre-sentenced offenders for the U.S. Marshals Service and the Immigration and Naturalization Service. This is also another excellent resource that would greatly aid you in your free online searches for criminal records. Use the inmate locator to search for a particular subject in a particular prison facility. There also links where you can learn about visiting information, as well as an explanation of the differences between Federal, state, and local inmates.

Free Online Searches for Criminal Records:

– United States Secret Service

Another government agency that keeps online lists of most wanted individuals is the U.S. Secret Service. You can also use the information and photo provided in your free online searches for criminal records.

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By Bill Knell

Did Howard Hughes ever get a chance to view a captured or crashed UFO and its occupants? I have long pondered this question and there may now be an answer to it. According to a former employee of Hughes Aircraft, he did. The visit allegedly occurred not long after the crash of an alien spacecraft near Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. You may think this story belongs in the BELIEVE OR NOT file and you may be right, but I feel compelled to pass it on to you anyway.

Linda is a retired teacher. She taught in public and private schools for over thirty years and has emailed me an impressive array of diplomas and certifications. She also emailed a few photos and some paperwork that verifies the fact that her father probably worked for Howard Hughes. Because she asked for anonymity, I cannot say much more about her or divulge where she currently lives at this time. I have encouraged her to come forward at some point and tell her own story in her own words.

Linda says that her father was involved with Hughes Aircraft as early as 1942, but the timeframe that concerns this story is the year 1947. It was during the summer of that year that Howard Hughes was obsessed with getting his oversized wooden seaplane nicknamed the “Spruce Goose ready for a test flight. Officially known as the H-4 Hercules, the aircraft flew only once on November 2, 1947. The amount of time and work that went into getting the Hercules ready for that flight was unbelievable.

Her father worked closely with Hughes during the Hercules project and later became a full-time employee of Hughes Aircraft. The two men met after he was referred to Hughes by a mutual acquaintance just after the USA declared war on the Axis powers and entered World War II. Linda told me that Hughes used as her dad as a problem solver. He had a knack for being able to look at most any mechanical problem and quickly suggest a practical solution. He also had the kind of temperament that allowed him to work with the eccentric billionaire.

Hughes was besieged with a number of problems during the summer of 1947 including a U.S. Senate inquiry into the way he had managed funds for the Hercules and XF-11 Photoreconnaissance Aircraft projects. Linda says that shortly after he testified at the Senate hearings, Howard Hughes returned to oversee work on the Hercules and spoke to her father about his possible involvement in an important government project.

According to Linda, Howard Hughes and her father were not friends and her dad would probably not be considered a part of Hughes inner circle if such a thing existed. However, he did spend a lot of time with Hughes during the Hercules project and the two had a casual working relationship as long as her father delivered the goods. She told me that her dad said he was busy brainstorming with some engineers when Hughes summoned him into an empty office. Hughes had a kind of inquisitively stern look on his face and that usually meant that he wanted some advice on how to solve a problem or was about to start a new project.

YouTube Preview Image

Howard stepped away from the door to the office, but didnt close it. There was enough noise outside of the office so that no one could hear their conversation anyway. Howard sat down on a stool near the window. Lindas father stepped over to where he was sitting and listened intently. Hughes hated repeating himself and despised people that were not good listeners. Hughes told her dad that he had been contacted by a high ranking member of the United States Armed Forces while he was in Washington, D.C.

The billionaire was used to receiving unusual requests from the military. He was known as someone that could keep a secret and solve complicated problems. According to Lindas father, this one might have been the mother of all the most secret and complicated situations that the government ever faced. Hughes said that he visited a military base on the way back from the congressional hearings. He didnt mention where it was located and provided few details about what happened there.

Lindas father said that Hughes seemed uncomfortable talking about his visit to the base. He hated situations that he couldnt personally control and seemed to indicate that the entire event was orchestrated and controlled by the military. With the exception of Hughes, no civilians were present. Howard said that they showed him a new type of aircraft. Most of it was in pieces and it was obvious that the thing had crashed or been shot down. Hughes assumed it might have been something that the Russians cooked up.

It wasnt until Hughes got closer to the material that he noticed it was anything but conventional. He didnt pick up or touch any of it, but told Lindas father that it looked like the damnedest stuff Ive ever seen. The military officers present told him that despite the fact that it was in pieces, the material was extremely resistant to heat, cold and pressure. They also said that it was almost impossible to penetrate, yet it might have been an implosion that caused the crash. Howard never said if it had any writing on it and provided no further details about the material or the aircraft.

Hughes told Lindas father that the dead bodies of the crew members from the aircraft had also been recovered by the military and were mostly intact. He said they allowed him to view the bodies and described them as looking like dwarves or deformed midgets wearing seamless flight suits. He added no details about where or how they were being kept. Instead, he got right to the point. They want me to figure this thing out and I want you on board, Hughes explained. That was the end of their meeting.

A few weeks later Hughes took Lindas father aside again and told him to forget about their previous conversation in the office. He gave her dad the impression that there were too many hassles and not enough money for him to get involved with that project. Her father felt it was more plausible to believe that Hughes wouldnt have been able to run the show and didnt want to get involved with something he couldnt fully direct. Or, perhaps he knew or had learned something more about the project that turned him off to it.

It wasnt until many years after their conversation in that office that Lindas father came to realize that Hughes might have been talking about a crashed UFO and, specifically, one that probably crashed or was shot down during the summer of 1947. Her dad had never shown any type of interest in UFOs or Aliens. Linda believed he might have come across the information about one of the UFO crashes from the tabloids that his wife read. The timing would have been correct because I saved issues of the National Enquirer and other supermarket tabloids during the 1970s and recall articles about alien and military encounters and UFO crashes.

I asked Linda if her dad might have been kidding her about the Hughes incident. Oh, no, she said, Dad never told tale tales. He had enough true stories about Hughes and other important people he met throughout the years He didnt need to make up stories I am certain he was telling me the truth. I also asked Linda how many times they discussed that story after he first told it to her. She replied, Not more than a couple of times He wasnt interested in UFOs He told me the story on a whim because he thought it might give me a chuckle or two Dad had nothing to add to the story and I believe thats why we never discussed it much.

Unfortunately, her father passed away a few years ago. I doubt he realized the impact that the story had on his daughter. Before she heard it, Linda barely gave the subject of UFOs a second thought. Afterward, she slowly became fascinated with the subject and told me, My father told me that what Howard said he saw sounded a lot like what the tabloids were describing as crashed alien spaceships and the bodies that he viewed fit the descriptions of aliens I do not believe everything that politicians tell me, but I never saw a reason to disbelieve what they were saying about UFOs. What would they have to gain by lying about them? It wasnt until my father told me the story about Howard and the material that I began to doubt their denials

Linda said that she started reading UFO articles published in some of the mainstream newspapers and magazines. Those tidbits awakened a casual interest in learning more about the subject. However, after retired Colonel Jesse Marcel came forward to expose the Roswell UFO cover up, she went out of her way to learn as much as she could about UFO crashes and military encounters. I purchased a used copy of a book by Donald Keyhoe and read it cover to cover, Linda told me. That book opened my eyes I now believe there is much more to the subject than what were being told.

I asked Linda why she waited so long to tell the story she heard from her father about Howard Hughes and the strange aircraft. I am a very private person I believe in doing all I can to promote education and to encourage students to stay in school. I want them to go as far as they can in life I do not want to become the poster child for government conspiracies You seem legitimately interested in discovering the truth about UFOs and Aliens. I believe that if people have a chance to learn about the story that my father told to me, they might feel compelled to come forward and share their own experiences and information with you.

I have a million more questions for Linda, but it is obvious that her father was given little more than a thumbnail sketch about Howard Hughes experience with a strange object and its occupants. He was only able to tell her what Hughes had told him. Not the best scenario, so I cannot say for sure that this story involves a crashed UFO and its occupants. I can say that I believe Lindas dad heard a story about a strange aircraft and unusually tiny crewmembers from Howard Hughes and that he told it to his daughter just the way he heard it, straight from the horses mouth.

I have been researching Lindas story for about a week. I have spoken with her over the phone on several occasions. With her permission, I recorded the calls and subjected them to a voice stress analysis using an inexpensive testing unit I purchased a few years ago. If accurate, the results indicate that she was not being deceptive during our conversation. As a experienced UFO researcher, I was pleased that she cooperated with various requests I had for more information. That is almost always a good sign.

Linda has emailed enough documentation to make me believe that she is who she claims to be and that her father was employed at Hughes Aircraft. The materials she provided indicate that he probably worked for Howard Hughes on specific projects as a consultant before he became a full time employee. Because Hughes never told him that he actually saw an alien spacecraft or referred to the dead crew members as aliens, we have to fill in the blanks with some careful speculation.

If Lindas story does anything, it proves that people out there are sitting on important information about UFOs because they still fear the repercussions that can result from coming forward to share it. The blame for that may be placed on the doorstep of a news media that seems incapable of covering anything deeper that where politicians attend church or how old they are. They ignore real news and issues in favor of serve serving statements from government flunkies bent on forwarding an increasingly outdated agenda. For more, visit

About the Author: Author: Bill Knell is a popular paranormal author, speaker and consultant. Author’s Website:

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12 16th, 2017

Precision engineering



It is well known the fact that gears keep the things running. For a machine to work properly, it needs to have suitable parts and efficient gears, because otherwise it would not be able to run smooth. Precision engineering is an extremely important branch of engineering, as no machinery can function properly without good gears, so precision engineering is essential for keeping a machine running perfectly, as some parts and gears need to be specially manufactured.

Would you be interested in finding a reliable company that specialises in Precision Engineering Liverpool and provides services such as gear cutting and Gearbox Repairs Liverpool? Would you like to find a team of specialist who could design and manufacture a specific part or gear for a machine? In this case, you should discover the company Pine Precision Engineering! Have you ever heard of the company Pine Precision Engineering? Well, you should have, because Pine Precision Engineering is the right place to come when it comes to gear manufacturing and repairing.

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What you should know about the company Pine Precision Engineering is that it was established in 1968 and that it specialises in providing services such as gear cutting, Gearbox Repairs Liverpool, bespoke designing and building of machines. With over 40 years of experience in Precision Engineering Liverpool, this company is today one of the best in this field. In case you did not know, the upper mentioned Precision Engineering Liverpool supply its engineering and gear manufacturing skills to a wide range of companies, ranging from the automotive industry, quarries, rail freight and printing to the manufacturers of scientific instrumentation. That sounds pretty interesting, right?

What is more, it should be mentioned that, when it comes to services such as Gearbox Repairs Liverpool, the upper mentioned company provides diversity, offering repair services for Spur Gears, Bevel Gears, Helical Gears, Spiral Bevel Gears, Double Helical and also Worm and Wheel Gears. All the repairs and manufacturing are done with complete commitment and attention, so that the ending result is perfect. In other words, if you want to make sure that the machinery in your factory works perfectly after having the gearbox repaired, choosing the services provided by the renowned company Pine Precision Engineering is probably the best thing to do! Choose the best services for your company!

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Are you getting more curious? Are you interested in finding out more about the company Pine Precision Engineering and about all the services it makes available? If the answer to the previous questions is yes, then all you have to do is go online and check out the! What is more, should you need any further guidance, all you have to do is fill in the enquiry form available and get in touch with a representative!

If you are interested in

Precision Engineering Liverpool

services such as

Gearbox Repairs Liverpool

, then the company Pine Precision Engineering is exactly what you are looking for! Visit today the website and find out more about this amazing company!

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