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Meet and Eat: Conference Centers Offer 5-Star Dining


R. L. Fielding

Face it, when you go to a meeting at a conference center, your focus is on who youll meet and what youll accomplish. The last thing on your mind is the food and thats no wonder! Sure, sometimes a menu pleasantly surprises you by offering more than tough steak, stuffed chicken breast, and pale, overcooked green beans, but conference food is rarely a starring attraction. How many times have you left an event of that type thinking, “Wow, that was a great dining experience?” Probably not too often, but the tide is turning.

Not Your Typical Hotel-Style Fare

Conference centers are raising the bar when it comes to their culinary offerings. Whereas event attendees used to settle for typical hotel food, conference centers now provide businesspeople with a high quality, varied dining experience.

Many conference centers employ experienced and professionally-trained culinary teams who are passionate about their work. These chefs and event planners value the part they play in setting the stage for a successful meeting and understand that food can make-or-break the attendees experience. Were not just talking about offering the typical three-square meals per day. Conference center chefs and event planners are pulling out all the stops by adding creative flair to the dining experience.

Meals are treated as a continuation of creativity, a compliment to the agenda, and a fundamental building block in fostering team spirit. Whatever the occasion, these culinary teams can suggest a themed menu that will complement your organizations objective. This includes everything from memorable mid-day barbeques, to tailgate parties between sessions, to the ultimate strolling buffets that are made for networking. The dining possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Eat Better, Perform Better

Conference centers also recognize that, when attending corporate training sessions or other business meetings, you need to be at your best. Research indicates that eating satisfying snacks and meals throughout the day is essential for keeping your mind sharp and your body energized. By serving balanced meals and providing mid-day refreshment breaks for groups of all shapes and sizes, conference centers work hard to keep your team going strong.

Conference attendees can power-up in the mornings with a fresh made-to-order breakfast or brunch, then recharge in the afternoon with a light fare that will tantalize the taste buds and fuel a tired brain. After a full day of meetings, guests can relax in the evening with a themed buffet or a seated dinner.

Conference centers are also making a point to offer dining options that meet the needs of diverse groups. Their chefs often create a variety of food items to choose from, everything from comfort foods and local favorites to exotic foods and the hottest culinary trends. Special requests are also accommodated for people with unique dietary needs, be they nutritional, religious or cultural.

Serving Up Success

When choosing a location for your next conference or event, in addition to technology and meeting space, dont forget to evaluate the finer amenities. A 5-star dining experience might just be the differentiating point that will help you create a successful event. Once you have enjoyed the full conference center dining experience you wont want to settle for anything less and your guests are sure to leave wanting more!

R.L. Fielding Bio

R.L. Fielding is a freelance writer who has written on a wide variety of topics, with special expertise in the education, pharmaceutical and healthcare, financial service and manufacturing industries.

About Q Center

This article was provided by Q Center. More than an ordinary business conference center, Q Center is a conference complex built by training professionals for training professionals. Q Center provides lodging for more than 1,000 guests as well as dining, abundant recreation, top-flight technology and a host of customized conference services. For further information, please e-mail or visit Source: Meet and Eat: Conference Centers Offer 5-Star Dining


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By Tim H Lambert

Credit score is based on your credit records or files over time. This means that improving one’s credit score takes quite a little while especially that every situation is different and there is just a lot of factors to be considered. The good news, though, is that you do not need to wait for ten years or so to have a good credit score provided that your credit reports do not have negative information such as bankruptcies and foreclosures. In fact, using the tips to be discussed here can increase your score in a month or so.

First, you need to be aware by reviewing your credit files from the three major agencies: Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. If there are discrepancies and errors, it should be settled as soon as possible. Common errors include incorrect credit limits, reported late payments, and collections which are not yours. This is not hard to do because you can get your credit information from each agency for free. After all, it is your own score that lies here. The second tip, and maybe the simplest one, is paying your bills on time. Delinquent payment is a serious black mark on your credit report. You can always set or arrange automatic payments from your checking account to avoid this problem. The third tip also includes paying, with your credit card balances this time. Minimizing your card balances can surely boost up your credit score. In fact, a lot of individuals with 700-plus scores pay their balances religiously.

YouTube Preview Image

Credit card accounts and other ‘revolving credit’ accounts are big factors to increase your score. So, even if these accounts are unused, do not close them. This is the next tip. A long credit history is for your advantage. Using your old accounts occasionally is a very good strategy because your old issuer will also report your credit with them to the three bureaus. Talking about credit cards, another useful tip is to not max out your limit. And if possible, keep your balance not more than 30% of your credit limit. If you are also eyeing for a loan, do it quickly as fast as two weeks. Your credit score can decrease if you have multiple credit inquiries to potential lenders.

You can also get a secured card especially if you do not have any credit histories, or even if you have a low score. Having one can give you credit if your issuer will report the information to the bureaus. It is also strongly suggested for you to apply for a major credit card from one of the four: Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. The last tip suggested is for you to get a gas store card. This is recommended if you find it difficult to get a regular credit card. And not only that, if you are only starting to build your credit information, producing small monthly charges and settling them in full on time will make wonders on increasing you credit score quickly.

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By Sam Miller

Amongst the many business and management tools in the corporate world right now, one of the most effective ones would certainly be the balanced scorecard. This is because the tool exists to measure a company’s present status against the goals and objectives that the company had planned to achieve in the first place. What are these goals and objectives? These are both the long-term and the short-term goals that the company had aimed to achieve during the first few years of its existence. These might even be the goals and objectives that the company had set up during its very foundation. There are many aspects that come with the balanced scorecard, and explaining these can be a bit difficult. This is especially true when you are explaining the tool to people who do not really recognize it that much. Thus, it would be so much better to prepare a balanced scorecard PPT presentation.

A PowerPoint presentation can be used to discuss the different aspects of the balanced scorecard. You have to bear in mind that not all of the members of your audience are familiar with the balanced scorecard. The terms that you use, even if these are simple to your own ears, these just might not be easy to grasp for the common person. But when you present the aspects in a PowerPoint presentation, the technicalities just might be made easier to understand. Moreover, the PowerPoint application actually allows your audience to be interactive during the whole presentation. You can insert animated images, to make the presentation all the more interesting. You are discussing a business concept, after all, and any business concept might become a bit tedious or boring to discuss. Capturing and maintaining the interest of your audience is indeed a must here.

So, what should your PPT presentation contain? For one thing, it should include the four perspectives of the balanced scorecard, as well as its measures, its targets, and its initiatives. You should also present the inherent roles and responsibilities of every member of the company or organization, from the higher management, all the way to the frontline employees who face customers every single workday. Moreover, you should include the benefits of using the balanced scorecard as a tool towards a more efficient management system.

YouTube Preview Image

These concepts should also be included and thoroughly discussed: Activity Based Costing, Forecasting, Benchmarking, Economic Value Added, Market Research, Six Sigma, Re-Engineering, Statistical Process Control, Total Quality Management or TQM, Learning Organization, Empowerment, and Self-Directed Work Teams. All of these aspects are very important, especially when you start developing your balanced scorecard.

And if that is not all, you should also discuss the four perspectives of the balanced scorecard very thoroughly, which are Customer Perspective, Regulatory/Financial Perspective, Internal Perspective, and Learning and Growth. The aspects categorized under these perspectives should also be discussed.

Lastly, you should also explain how the measurements should be panned out. For instance, discuss how the measurements should be able to translate the expectations of customers into reachable goals. Discuss how measurements should evaluate the processes that take place, as well as their quality.

With a balanced scorecard PPT presentation as detailed and thorough as this, you will surely have no problem discussing every nook and cranny of this management tool.

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balanced scorecard ppt

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By David J. Livingston

Shopping for the most affordable and the best life insurance is made possible if one understands the life insurance quotes well. Understanding the quotes will essentially require you to have at least the basic knowledge of the insurance industry and to know the glossary of life insurance.

Knowing the following details about the different providers will make you a smart insurance shopper,

1. Underwriting rules (accidental death, critical illness, disability, etc.) 2. Rate classifications (Preferred, Preferred plus, Standard, Table 2, Table 3, etc.) 3. Kinds of policies (Whole, term, no exam, universal, etc.) 4. Minimum and maximum coverage offered (death benefits) 5. Inclusions and exclusions 6. Riders 7. Tax benefits 8. Cash value 9. Payout track record 10. Customer service 11. Reputation

The insurance industry sees many new reforms time and again and this necessitates insurance shoppers as well as the current policyholders to update themselves on the reforms to benefit from the policies and providers. Now, setting aside all the technical jargons and glossary, the simple fact everyone shopping for insurance should understand is that the life insurance quotes are free of cost. Therefore, among the many or few details that online websites or insurance agents ask to provide you with their quotes, financial details are not part of them. Of course after you pick a provider to buy the policy, then you would be required to furnish proof of income and good financial standing.

YouTube Preview Image

Getting instant life insurance quotes online works best for those with good health and family history. However if you have certain health conditions such as diabetes, heart problems, stroke, sleeping disorder, and other critical illness; have a risky profession or hobby or lifestyle; have smoking or other tobacco usage habit; have faced bankruptcy or have a poor financial standing, you would be better off taking the help of an insurance age not advisor. This is because the underwriting rules and the whole or term life insurance cost differ among companies and also with the personal needs of the applicants. By going through an agent or advisor you will be able to get the best deal for your particular case.

If the whole or term life insurance cost is not the concern for you, and all you need is an insurance policy instantly even without the medical exam, you can get one online itself after getting and comparing quotes. Since the companies are willing to take a higher risk by insuring you without any tests and with just your word, they are entitled to a higher compensation. In most cases you can get a policy online after getting the quotes at affordable cost if the coverage amount you need is less than or equal to $100,000.

Therefore, to explain the process we need to start with your first step online. You need to locate a few reliable websites that would provide you the insurance quotes. Picking a website that lets you get and compare quotes from different providers would be ideal. Then provide all the details required in the form and click the get free quotes button. In few minutes you will be showered with life insurance quotes from several different companies usually in your email. Now line them up and get ready to compare them.

When you are comparing the quotes you need to look in detail the following so that the comparison is fair and square. Compare

1. Coverage amount 2. Term of cover 3. Rate class 4. Riders 5. Inclusions 6. Cost or premium

Any of these on its own will not help determine the best policy. So compare these factors across the quotes comprehensively and pick the right provider. The reputation of the provider also matters because, a provider might offer you low term life insurance cost but if they fail to process your claim after a few years, you stand to lose a lot. So read many reviews, check with the insurance department or business bureau, and then make your decision.

About the Author: Article by David Livingston of, a website with the best instant term life insurance and cheap term life insurance quotes information in the country.


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By Barry Jones

In the present scenario, women are making their mark in every aspect. There is hardly any field that is left untouched by the quality contribution of women. Even in the very competitive and demanding field of business administration, women have proved their successful accomplishments to a great extent. Now, many women are establishing their own personal business firms and organizations. However, for this, they require a good financial assistance. And this assistance is largely served by the option of woman business loans. This loan can be used for both setting up a new business firm or for fulfilling the unavoidable requirements of your already existing business organization. One can use the borrowed money for the purchase of new machinery, clearance of unpaid bills, payment of labors and any other purpose.

Like most of the loans, woman business loans are also offered under both secured and unsecured forms. Under secured form, the borrower is asked to offer collateral or some valuable asset to apply for the loan. On the other hand, in unsecured woman business loans, no such requirement of security is mandatory. However, there is a certain difference in the loan amount offered along with the rate of interest. If you pay a security, you can definitely demand for a much higher amount as well as the rate of the interest is also low in secured form of this loan. Therefore, an inquiry in advance is recommended, before deciding for any financial firm providing this loan. Compare the different rate of interests and other vital aspects such offered loan amount and the mode of repayment. The market is strongly driven by the growing competition which has reduced the value of rate interest offered on the loan. Every firm has their own set of terms and regulations for this loan. Use Internet to browse this wide array of firms and agencies and select the most suitable option that satisfies all your requirements and demands according to your convenience.

YouTube Preview Image

If in case, you are taking the woman business loan for establishing a new business organization, you must follow a certain number of measures. Make a concrete plan or synopsis of your business strategy, so that you can easily convince the lenders to offer you a good loan amount. Your plan should have all the positive elements concerning your repayment ability and good profit prospects. The market is full of several financial firms and money lending agencies that are avidly offering this service of woman business loans.

Even if you suffer from a bad credit history due to the countless reasons such as irregular source of income, CCJ, arrears and others, you will find no difficulty in applying for the woman business loans. Your low credit score will not be considered for the approval of the loan. With the easy availability of woman business loans, most of the women have found a decent way to set up their own business company. This has not only helped in the empowerment of the women, but has also provided them with a facility to make a separate identity of their own.

About the Author: Barry Jones is a financial expert dealing with business loans, who provides counseling and expert knowledge on business loans UK. To know more about unsecured business loans,woman business loans,business start up loan and secured business loans visit


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By Marie Mardeko

In modern day, you can find a huge range of home appliances available in the market. Home appliances have become a necessity in today’s world; it’s no longer a luxury. People don’t have time to prepare their meal and no doubt most of the invention takes place to make latest appliances for kitchen, which can make our lives more easier. Kitchen appliances include many appliances which make the work easy and quick. This also includes a combination microwave oven and toaster, this appliance performs the work of two products together. It can be used separately, as a microwave oven, as a toaster or the combination of both. A microwave oven is used for cooking purpose and to heat food whereas a toaster is used to toast bread quickly and easily.

When I heard of such kitchen appliance I thought of buying it but was reluctant as to where to look out for this appliance. Where will I get the best deal and which brand will be the best available. Then my friend suggested me of a website Toronto appliance. I logged onto the internet and visited the website and was surprised with the kind of variety they have and the kind of information that was provided on the website. Under this site you can find a wide range of appliances which can fulfill all your desires of having a perfect kitchen appliance for your home. An appliance which can do the work of two together is the best as it has the capacity of reducing the work burden of persons who are career oriented. Buying a product from this site can be called a profitable affair in many ways. Such as sitting at home you can compare the prices with different brands that are available in the market all over the world. In this way, you will be able to buy the right appliance which is affordable and has the best quality. Buying a kitchen appliance is a long term investment, so before buying a person has keep in mind certain things. This may include the product should be durable, affordable and has to satisfy all the needs of the person.

YouTube Preview Image

There are a number of brands available in the market, the brand that I like the most which gives you this combination microwave and toaster is LG. I was happy to buy this company product because this company has a good reputation of producing good appliances at cheaper rates. The appliance got from here has guarantee, they provide free home delivery if needed and also guidelines as to how the appliance is got in use. If needed a person comes to your home to show as to how it is used. People who are leading a busy life this kitchen appliance helps them to save there time and finish there work quickly. If you are planning a gift for someone who is career oriented or a housewife then this is the perfect gift that anyone can get. So then what you are waiting for log on to Toronto appliance and buy this LG appliance to bring a smile on your loved once face.

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By Steve Bush

Much like the perfect storm, the worst case scenario for borrowers seeking commercial real estate loans and small business loans is not a situation that most people should want to actually experience. There are several elements that we believe will almost always produce this serious but avoidable result when they are all present simultaneously. Understanding each of the issues should enable borrowers to avoid a potentially devastating commercial funding outcome.

We have prepared separate reports that discuss each underlying factor in detail. Here are the issues which we believe will usually result in a worst case scenario for commercial loans if all five are present: (1) Using a lender which historically has an unacceptable track record for successfully completing commercial loans; (2) Dealing with an inexperienced commercial finance advisor; (3) Obtaining business financing that includes a recall option for the lender; (4) Short-term financing in which a borrower is not also offered the opportunity to lengthen to a longer-term period; and (5) Inappropriate and non-competitive loan terms.

There are likely to be many business financing scenarios where it will be impractical to avoid all of the issues described in the preceding paragraph. Our primary advice is to totally avoid circumstances where all five factors exist at the same time. A secondary recommendation is to also seek alternative financing for small business loans and commercial real estate loans when either of the first two elements are present.

YouTube Preview Image

It is clearly not our intent to raise a red flag without suggesting a path for minimizing the potentially problematic circumstances summarized above. It is important for business owners to secure commercial financing which is not impacted by the worst case conditions. Two points deserve special emphasis.

First is our observation that the worst case scenario for small business loans described above is totally avoidable. But if you want to avoid an obstacle, it is critical that you have a working understanding of what you are avoiding, what it looks like and any special techniques required to evade it. For example, if you are driving a car, it is common sense that you will not intentionally drive your vehicle over sharp pointed objects that are likely to puncture your tires.

With commercial real estate loans and commercial loans, the combination of the five factors noted previously in this article will typically produce an impact for small business funding that is equivalent to much worse than simply puncturing a tire. Unfortunately, without proper advice and knowledge, most business owners will not be prepared to recognize the appropriate warning signs for avoiding business financing hazards.

Our second point to emphasize is that small business loans are more complex than most borrowers realize. There are a number of additional serious commercial funding obstacles beyond those noted in this brief article. Because of this, it is important for commercial borrowers not to narrowly focus on the factors included in the worst case scenario discussed here and simply avoid these specific issues. A comprehensive approach to working capital management should incorporate a balanced analysis of both the worst case aspects and other critical business finance terms.

About the Author: Steve Bush is a

small business loans

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commercial real estate loans

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By Simon Volkov

Annuitants wanting to sell structured settlement payments must first determine if this practice is allowed in the state where they reside. Approximately 34 states prohibit the sale or transfer of annuity payments. States which do allow the practice limit the number of annuity payments sold and require Annuitants to obtain court approval prior to the sale.

Annuitants choose to sell structured settlement annuities for many reasons. Some need a lump sum cash advance to fund college tuition, start a business, or pay off outstanding debts. Others want funds for investment purposes such as buying real estate or cash flow notes.

Courts typically frown on requests for selling annuities; particularly if structured settlements were awarded due to serious injury. Injury-based structured settlements are established to ensure Annuitants receive adequate funds to cover living expenses and ongoing medical expenses. Courts are not eager to allow Annuitants to cash-out future payments unless there is substantial proof the sale will positively impact the Annuitant’s life.

Structured settlements are also used to compensate jackpot lottery winners. When individuals win mega-millions they can opt for a lump sum cash payment or annuity payments. When lottery winners accept lump sum payments they receive considerably less money than winners who elect an extended payout. Courts are more open to authorizing the sale of structured settlements used for lottery payouts than those used for injury compensations.

Structured settlements are also used to distribute inheritance funds provided in an irrevocable life insurance trust (ILIT). Courts can swing either direction when Annuitants seek permission to sell inheritance funds. Much depends on how the ILIT was established. Courts respond more favorably when annuity payments are distributed annually vs. being distributed when Annuitants reach major milestones.

YouTube Preview Image

Regardless of the reason structured settlements were established, it is best for Annuitants to obtain legal counsel prior to seeking court approval.

Annuity payments are backed by life insurance companies. When Annuitants sell partial payments they must transfer payment rights to the funding source. Once court authorization is obtained, Annuitants must also obtain approval from the life insurance company.

Annuitants must provide the insurance company with contact information for the funding source, along with the number of payments to transfer. Life insurance companies are not required to approve transfers and are often unwilling to authorize the transfer of future annuities.

Annuity payments are sold to funding sources for a lump sum cash payment. Funding sources are generally private investors, investment companies, and cash advance providers. Some banks and credit unions provide cash for annuities, but the majority of financial institutions do not engage in this type of funding.

Funding sources do not offer full face value of annuities. Investors typically charge an upfront fee ranging between 20- and 30-percent of advanced funds. For example, an Annuitant receives $10,000 every three months and requires $100,000 in cash.

The Annuitant would need to transfer 12 to 13 payments to cover the full amount required, plus the funding source fees. The life insurance company would send payments to the funding source until the cash advance is repaid. Afterward, annuity payments revert back to the Annuitant.

The most common strategy for selling structured settlements is to sell partial payments. Courts rarely approve the sale of structured settlements in whole. The exception is for lottery winnings or if only a few years of payments remain.

The decision to sell structured settlement payments is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Annuitants should carefully weigh the pros and cons of selling future annuities. It is best to consult with a lawyer or tax accountant to determine if this is the best financial decision and to ensure proper protocol is followed.

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