Popular Attractions In Laoag, Philippines Fort Ilocandia Hotel And Resort

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Laoag is a great city of Philippines located in the province of Ilocos Norte.Being a commercial, industrial and political center of Ilocos Norte, this city has got the rapid growth of economy.Besides, tourism has also become a chief economic resource of Laoag City.Huge number of Chinese and Taiwanese tourists are found coming to this city for experiencing the warmth of its money-making casino that is situated in Fort Ilocandia Hotel and Resort, which is a five star resort hotel.Fort Ilocandia Hotel and Resort is located in Barrio Calayab near international airport.This resort is not only famous for its casino but also for its accommodation and other features like Full Moon Chinese Restaurants, Flamingo Teppanyaki, Bar-B-Q, Monte Carlo Club and Golf Course, which is one among the best in Asia Pacific.These amazing features make this resort the most interesting vacation spot.

Though, this resort is considered best for vacation, there are many other amazing places of interest too in this city, which you can visit like – Philippine-baroque churches, white-sand beaches of Pagudpud, Marcos-era mansions and heritage sites housing Spanish colonial buildings.

Usually, people who are on vacation like to visit some particular tourist spots of the city including – Fort Ilocandia – this is a great tourist attraction housing a casino, 5-star resort, a collection of restaurants, a mini zoo and a shopping complex etc.Paoay Church – this is popular for oriental-gothic-baroque architecture as well as construction that take you back to 1694.Due to its historic significance and architecture splendors, UNESCO has declared it a world heritage site.


Gameng Museo Ilocos Norte – this is a popular museum located just few minutes from the town plaza.In this museum, you will find a huge collection of photos and artifacts featuring rich history of the Ilocanos.Marcos Mausoleum and Muesum – this is one among the top five spots to visit; this is mainly famous for the specialty empanada, and the Marcos Museum.The Marcos Museum is really a special place to visit, as it is home to the body of the president himself and hundreds of memorabilia etc.

After visiting all these tourist attractions, when you will totally get tired, make it sure that you spend some time in a restaurant to relax your body.You will find plenty of full service restaurants in every corner of this city that offer delicious native as well as foreign cousin.And then at the end of the vacation, only one but very important thing remains to experience in this city that is shopping.This city offers great shopping experience.Here, you will find numerous big and small market areas, shops and malls which sell number of interesting items.

Accommodation is not a problem here.You will find many hotels, motels, resorts, inns, and apartments in Laoag ranging from cheap to luxury.Some of the best lodging options of this city include – Fort Ilocandia Resort Hotel, Northview Hotel and Java Hotel etc.these hotels are popularly known for their quality services and comfortable accommodation.

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