What You Need To Know About Parcel Shipping From U SA To Australia

What You Need To Know About Parcel Shipping From USA to Australia by SHIP2AU

Modern parcel shipping companies have made parcel shipping from USA to Australia a walk in the park. You can buy anything you want from the United States while in Australia; from Apple products (iPhones, Macbooks, iPads and others) to watches to TVs to clothingto jewelry from any American store or retailer online.What’s The Advantage of Buying from the US and Shipping to Australia?The US is home to some of the best products and brands in the market. Thousands of US stores offer the latest gadgets and tech products with new products and great deals being availed on a regular basis. Unfortunately, people in other countries have to wait for a long period of time before some of these great products are released to their markets,and sometimes they even have to miss out on the products.These restrictions are disappointing for people in Australiaeager to purchase specific products. Today it is possible to purchase anything from the US market when in Australia or other parts of the world. Even better, you get to buy the products at a cheaper rate than you would if you wait to buy them in physical stores that have shipped them into the country. Even businesses that sell imported products have easier time shipping from USA to Australia.Which Products Can I Buy?You can shop for almost anything from the US online stores. Since parcel shipping from USA to Australia is done through your personal mailbox, you can shop from any store that is willing and able to ferry the goods to the parcel shipping company’s warehouse. The most popular products shipped from the USA to Australia are cameras, computers, wearable gadgets, clothes, watches, fitness trackers, audio gear and the latest smartphones.What Is The Cost Of Shipping?Once the online stores forward your goods to the warehouse of the parcel shipping company, the weight and dimensions of the parcel is calculated. These are primarily what determine the shipping cost. Heavy items, like laptops cost more to ship from the US to Australia in comparison to products with smaller dimensions, like smartphones.What’s the time period for goods bought in the US to arrive in Australia?The best part of shipping from USA to Australia through parcel shipping service providers that offer mailbox services is that your goods can stay in the warehouse for as little or as long as you wish. Generally, the product will arrive in your US mailbox from the store in 2-7 business days and can be shipped to you in 2-4 days.What Custom Duty And Taxes Are Levied On The Parcel?There are regulations that govern parcel shipping from US to Australia. Basically, there are goods that are tax-free and those that will be taxed. You can get a quote for shipping the product you intend to purchase to know what amount of tax will be charged on it. You can also use the Australian duty calculator to calculate whether you will be required to pay customs duties and taxes on your parcel or not.Finally, having a personal mailbox makes shopping from the US and shipping to Australia a hassle-free and quick experience. Use a fast, reliable and friendly parcel shipping service provider for an easy and convenient buying experience.

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