Tips For Choosing A Commercial Hand Dryer

byAlma Abell

If you’ve decided to buy dryers for the restrooms of your business, you may be shocked at how many models there are. A commercial hand dryer can be beneficial for a variety of reasons, but selecting the best one can be tough. A few tips can make it easier, ensuring that you get what you need and what will make your customers/employees happy.


Most manufacturers recommend high-speed dryers first because they’re more energy-efficient, easier to use and work quickly. They also offer all the other benefits of dryers, including being better for the environment, saving money over the long-run and more.

Likewise, they work best if you have a busy restroom because they can dry hands in as little as ten seconds versus 30 to 45 seconds. Some can also be programmed to shut off after ten seconds, which saves on energy, as well.


A high-speed commercial hand dryer can come as a touch-button version or automatic. It is usually recommended to choose the automatic version where possible. They can be more expensive, but it will require less on the customer’s part. Plus, most customers would prefer not to touch a button that thousands of other people have touched. Likewise, you may require more maintenance and repairs for a push-button version because people slam the button down repeatedly.


You’ll find many varieties, but some of the newer ones may be the most exciting. For example, some allow the user to place their hands into the dryers, giving them pinpoint accuracy. Instead of the air going everywhere and taking longer to dry the hands, it is more accurately placed where the hands will be.

You can also find versions that blow air downward and upward, and some that are sleek in design. Click here for a high speed electric hand dryers online.

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