Secured Vs Unsecured Personal Loan: Whats The Difference?}

Secured vs Unsecured Personal Loan: Whats The Difference?


Cor Bunal

Its easy to get caught up in a tight financial situation. In times of dire financial need, we might not be able to make informed and well-thought decisions that well just grab the first solution we see.

However, one has to bear in mind that getting a loan is tricky, considering the interest rate that may compound when payments are delayed. Plus if youre required to put up collateral upon application, youll risk losing your assets if you fail to pay on or before the payment schedule.

With this in mind, it helps to pick up some financial hacks to choose which type of personal loan to get. Wheres the dividing line between secured and unsecured loan? Here in the Philippines, there are basically two mainstream types of personal loan banks and private

lenders offer secured and unsecured loan.

To get a secured loan, borrowers need to put up collateral, which can be a car, house or a piece of land, upon application. Although a secured loan usually comes with higher loanable amount, be reminded that the asset youve placed as collateral might be at risk if you miss payments. Meanwhile, an unsecured loan can be had without putting up a valuable asset. This types loanable

amount is usually lower compared with secured loans. All you need to do is meet the providers

eligibility criteria and requirements.

When to choose one over the other?

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Opt for a secured loan if:

‘ Youre really sure you wont miss any payment because, in the first place, youre not in dire need

and you have a stable income. Instead, its more like a way to pool immediate money to fund a

major purchase or venture such as a business, a new house or a luxury car.

‘ Youre planning to invest the loan proceeds on something that will enable it to generate income

higher than the interest rate.

‘ You want an extremely easy application process. Banks and private lenders usually approve

secured loans faster than unsecured loan because theyre given a guarantee the collateral.

If these situations above dont apply to you, then an unsecured loan is probably your best choice.

Unsecured loans are best if:

‘ Youre in need of immediate cash for emergency needs such as utility bills, school fees and

medical costs.

‘ You like more flexibility with your options (e.g., loan maturity, payment methods).

‘ Youre willing to go down the more challenging way of getting approved for your

creditworthiness and other requirements.

‘ You dont want to risk any of your assets.

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