Different Types Of Wood For Bathroom Cabinets


Knowing what your cabinets are made of will help you to create a look for your kitchen that is truly unique. If you are in the market to buy wood cabinets, it is important to know which woods are more structurally sound than other types.

The majority of bathroom cabinets are made from various types of hardwoods and to cut back on the costs, they might be made of plywood. Wood has the tendency to warp fairly quickly depending on the level of moisture. You will need to make sure that the wood is finished before it ever leaves the factory. Any type of wood that is left unfinished will warp very quickly compared to finished wood.


Wood for Bathroom Cabinets

Red Oak – Red oak is durable, strong, and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. This type of wood is available in a number of different finishes and styles. It is grain patterns that are pronounced which is perfect for a more traditional cabinet style. Red oak can be an option for semi-custom or custom-made cabinets.

White Oak – White oak is quite durable and much stronger than red oak. It has various golden tones with a grain that is subtle and quarter-sawn for certain types of cabinetry that is custom-made. White oak is great if you want to give your cabinets an old-fashioned look. This type of wood is typically only available with a custom option.

Cherry – Cherry is a wood that is tough enough to take marring and knocks. It is very formal and elegant as well as traditional in nature. It is extremely versatile and can add a contemporary feel to your kitchen. It is made with fine grain and is typically red or reddish brown in color.

Pine – Pine is the only soft wood that is used for building cabinets. It is a very sensitive type of wood so it will dent a lot easier than hard woods. It traditionally yellow in color and is perfect for a home that needs a more country feel to it.

Bathroom Cabinetry in Pittsburgh

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