Top Music Icons Of Our Time

Submitted by: Robert D. Crandell

Music has been present around us for as long as we can remember. We start by making sound and creating melodies from them. And there are people who have become famous in the music industry. Furthermore, there are those who were able to remain famous all through the years they shared their music. Here are a few of the most famous musical icons of the past decades.

In polls and in fan votes, one of the greatest musicians of our time is Michael Jackson. He was born in the late 1950s. The first album that made him famous is Thriller in 1982. This album was considered the best selling album until the present time. Also, other songs and albums that were released also gained popularity and were in top records of their own time.

He is also known by his famous initials MJ and as the King of Pop. The records he was able to create were even added to the Guinness World Records. His music was considered as distinctive and was a mix of pop, hip hop, rock, and R & B. Aside from being a recording artist and an entertainer, he was also a businessman.


Aside from Michael Jackson, another famous musician is the group The Beatles. Their turn in the spotlight lasted from 1960 to 1969. The Beatles was an English rock band which originated in Liverpool. This famous group was composed of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Star. Their music genre included pop ballad, psychedelic rock as well as other types. During their time, they were enormously popular with the term “Beatlemania” which emerged because of them.

This band was considered as the best selling in the whole of the music industry. Their songs and albums reached and remained for some time on top of music lists. Even decades after they separated, people still listen to their music and marvel on their influence to the music industry.

Then, there is the “King of Rock and Roll”, Elvis Presley. He is considered as the most famous 20th century singer in America. Some of his famous tracks include Heartbreak Hotel, Don’t Be Cruel and Can’t Help Falling In Love. He was dubbed as the king of rock and roll, and his music focused on the rock genre. Furthermore, his music was also described as putting emphasis on the blues. The guitar was also an important instrument in the creation of his music.

Elvis also conducted several concerts. However, he has provided majority of his time in his music and his appearances on movies and TV. He had won several Grammy Awards. He was also inducted to several different halls of fame for music.

Lastly, there is Bob Marley who is famously known as the Jamaican singer and songwriter who had used reggae for his compositions and introduced them to the world. Some of his most revered tracks include I Shot the Sheriff, Jamming, Could You Be Loved and No Woman No Cry.

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