Meet And Eat: Conference Centers Offer 5 Star Dining}

Meet and Eat: Conference Centers Offer 5-Star Dining


R. L. Fielding

Face it, when you go to a meeting at a conference center, your focus is on who youll meet and what youll accomplish. The last thing on your mind is the food and thats no wonder! Sure, sometimes a menu pleasantly surprises you by offering more than tough steak, stuffed chicken breast, and pale, overcooked green beans, but conference food is rarely a starring attraction. How many times have you left an event of that type thinking, “Wow, that was a great dining experience?” Probably not too often, but the tide is turning.

Not Your Typical Hotel-Style Fare

Conference centers are raising the bar when it comes to their culinary offerings. Whereas event attendees used to settle for typical hotel food, conference centers now provide businesspeople with a high quality, varied dining experience.

Many conference centers employ experienced and professionally-trained culinary teams who are passionate about their work. These chefs and event planners value the part they play in setting the stage for a successful meeting and understand that food can make-or-break the attendees experience. Were not just talking about offering the typical three-square meals per day. Conference center chefs and event planners are pulling out all the stops by adding creative flair to the dining experience.

Meals are treated as a continuation of creativity, a compliment to the agenda, and a fundamental building block in fostering team spirit. Whatever the occasion, these culinary teams can suggest a themed menu that will complement your organizations objective. This includes everything from memorable mid-day barbeques, to tailgate parties between sessions, to the ultimate strolling buffets that are made for networking. The dining possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Eat Better, Perform Better

Conference centers also recognize that, when attending corporate training sessions or other business meetings, you need to be at your best. Research indicates that eating satisfying snacks and meals throughout the day is essential for keeping your mind sharp and your body energized. By serving balanced meals and providing mid-day refreshment breaks for groups of all shapes and sizes, conference centers work hard to keep your team going strong.

Conference attendees can power-up in the mornings with a fresh made-to-order breakfast or brunch, then recharge in the afternoon with a light fare that will tantalize the taste buds and fuel a tired brain. After a full day of meetings, guests can relax in the evening with a themed buffet or a seated dinner.

Conference centers are also making a point to offer dining options that meet the needs of diverse groups. Their chefs often create a variety of food items to choose from, everything from comfort foods and local favorites to exotic foods and the hottest culinary trends. Special requests are also accommodated for people with unique dietary needs, be they nutritional, religious or cultural.

Serving Up Success

When choosing a location for your next conference or event, in addition to technology and meeting space, dont forget to evaluate the finer amenities. A 5-star dining experience might just be the differentiating point that will help you create a successful event. Once you have enjoyed the full conference center dining experience you wont want to settle for anything less and your guests are sure to leave wanting more!

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