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By David O Connell

Web site traffic generation is necessary for a flourishing online business. For a businessperson, it is not easy to have Internet users visiting the site often. The chances of selling a service or a product are in proportion with the level of qualified and targeted web site traffic at the businessperson’s site. An online business gains considerable amount of traffic after spending enough time and energy. Many a times, businesspersons have to shell out hard-earned money for web site traffic generation.

Businesspersons have a number of methods for web site traffic generation. A business owner needs to evaluate, research and implement methods for determining which one might give the best results and help sales of products and services. Sadly, many web site traffic methods consume large amounts of time for producing an effective result. The time as such depends on the method a businessperson has adopted.


A few common methods of web site traffic generation are as follows:


1. Link Popularity: Link popularity is the complete number of online web pages, which link to the businessperson’s web page. It is an important factor used by many search engines for ranking web sites and web pages. Generally, the top search engines assume link popularity as an essential factor in the algorithms they perform, for determining how relevant the businessperson’s web page is to a certain keyword search.

Link popularity is vital since it increases visitor traffic to the businessperson’s web page. The goodwill of a web site and the vote of confidence from different web sites determines its link popularity. The web page ranking to a specific search query improves with an increase in number of relevant web sites having incoming links to the businessperson’s web page.

2. Search Engine Optimization: Search engines have emerged to be the best web site traffic generation method. Through search engines, people browse through the Internet for information on different subject matters. Top search engines develop and maintain their gigantic knowledge base of web sites, which a user may search easily by entering a keyword in the search box.

SEO is a method of studying different search engines to determine ways to get a web site rank top on the user searches. According to reviews of statistical information, search engines make up for more than 80 percent of people visiting the web sites.

3. Pay-Per-Click: Web site traffic generation is also possible through the pay per click option. It is a kind of advertising. Here, an advertiser pays an SEO user for every click on an ad link that sends the user to the web page of that advertiser. The advertiser has to select certain keywords and bid on them. The user may choose to earn from different pay per click advertising services.

4. Other Options: There are several other options for web site traffic generation. These include, writing articles, e-mail advertising, directory listings, banner advertising and classified advertising.


Above mentioned are well-known methods of marketing a web site. Therefore, if online entrepreneurs want to survive in the existing aggressive competition of the Internet world, then they need to use these methods of marketing, and many more traffic generating methods, if they wish to earn huge online income.

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