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About Forex Cleaner.

Forex Cleaner is surely an robot, also referred to as forex robot. It trades and makes money for you as you sleep, no human intervention required.

Installation is very easy! Only a few clicks and you’re done.It should run with default settings, nothing ought to be adjusted, just turn up the MT4 platform, attach the robot to chart and that’s it.Currently trades EURUSD.It uses M30 timeframe. If it’s set on a wrong timeframe, you’ll get an error message.It works with every broker, Five digits. But be carefull when you purchase your broker: you obtain better results when the spread is kept to a minimum, if your datafeed contains no missing candles plus the execution time is fast.NFA compatible,it handles a single trade at a time, no multiple trades allowed.$99, on one occasion fee, and also this beauty is the for lifetime. Free updates, no upsells.It trades on average once per day, 5-6 times/week.

The way to install

Installation is pretty straightforward. Just follow EXACTLY the following steps.

1. Download ForexCleaner.exe using either plimus download link (after purchase you may obtain a download link in your email) or our members area (just enter your license code and hit download button).

Step 2. Run ForexCleaner.exe, ensure you have enough privileges. In case you are on Windows Vista or windows 7, simply select the file, right click on it, then select Run as Administrator.

3. Pick the installation directory. By way of example, we’ve got a live account on Alpari UK, so we select Alpari UK root directory:


Greetings everyone!

I’m Richard, I’m the seller behind forex cleaner.

I am aware of Dave don’t want to offer support, that’s understandable, I didn’t pay him for the, LOL. He is a great programmer and i also endorse him if you ever ought to code something in mql language.

I’m here to resolve all your questions on how forex cleaner works.

The TP and SL are generally dynamic, they change according to volatility.

Stop loss usually takes any value, when it reaches 135 pips an order will likely be closed in the starting on the next bar. Maximum SL is 135 pips + some pips prior to the candle closes, and TP can offer any value, even 200+ pips.

We have submitted the robot for testings at FPA and bestforexrobots, we also have your own fwd tests, they may be posted on websites.

In the event the owner of this forum wants a copy, I’d be a little more than glad to offer a free lifetime license.

Thank you very much!


In the website, How it works section

Stop Loss triggers somewhere within 10 and 135 pips, but a maximum of 135 pips!

Take Profit triggers between 5 and 250 pips.

You may also set a difficult SL when you set Stealth=true

I really shouldn’t offer support for a person else’s product even though I’m the programmer, Specialists Richard to came here and respond to your questions.

Since a lot of the forex market will manage the U.S. dollar, imaginable that lots of on the news reports will cause U.S. dollar-based currency pairs to spike. The US has got the largest economy in the world, and for that reason, speculators react strongly to U.S. news reports, even if it won’t create a huge fundamental shift in the end.

What this means for your charts is that you will dsicover several “spikes” even though there is a trend emerging. This tends to allow it to become harder to identify trend or range indications.

Conversely, we are able to observe that throughout the same time frame EUR/JPY made a much, much smoother ride up. I thought this was probably because of less spikes that got their start in U.S. data. As a way you will see, both charts showed the euro rise through the same interval, even so the one without the U.S. dollar (EUR/JPY) made for a much easier trade.

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