Purpose Of Labrador Training}

Purpose of Labrador Training


Richard Cussons

The labrador is one of several kinds of retriever that has exceptional working abilities. No doubt they became the most popular breed of the dog in the world based on the number of registered ownership. With this, the demand for labrador training advice is also increasing due to the fact that many lab owners want to have a nicely trained labrador for pet as well as all-around gun dog.


Being a dog with good work ethic, the labrador retriever can be trained as:Guide dog – Labrador retrievers are widely used as guide dogs to assist physically disabled persons specifically the blind or people with vision impairment.Rescue or search dog – Dogs, including labrador retrievers are valuable in search and rescue operations for missing people. They have great sense of smell which helps them detect human scent.Hunting dog – As a gun dog, the labrador is also bred to assist humans in hunting, usually birds. During hunting, the labrador’s role is to find and retrieve birds or other prey to the hunter with great gentleness. Labradors were bred to have soft mouth so as they will be able to return the prey to the hunter without damage.Detection dog – Like rescue dog, detection dogs use their senses (sense of smell more often) to detect substances like plants, animals, DVDs, crime evidence, drugs, explosives, firearms, human remains, mold and termites.Therapy dog – Labrador training can also include training a labrador to do therapy work to help people who are in hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes, schools and disaster areas. It is important that therapy dogs must be friendly, patient, confident and gentle. They must be trained to enjoy human contact.Apart from the above-mentioned roles, a labrador retriever can of course be trained to appear in agility shows as well as perform tricks for circus acts. With enough knowledge and implementation of the proper labrador training tips, you can be sure that your pet will excel in whatever field you desire, be it as hunting dog or assistance dog like the famous Endal of England.

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Purpose of Labrador Training}