Buy A House With Poor Credit Requirements For Getting A Bad Credit Mortgage Loan

By Carrie Reeder

The process for buying a house with poor credit is very similar for those with prime credit ratings. The requirements are the same – have a steady source of income and willingness to research to find the best lender. With a little bit of time on your part, you can get a rock bottom mortgage rate even with bad credit.

Basic Requirements For A Mortgage Loan

Lenders are primarily concerned on whether you can repay your mortgage or not. They only make money if you make your payments. So they look at your income, cash assets, credit history, and a few other factors when determining your loan rates.

Poor credit doesn’t prevent you from getting credit, just the very lowest rates. However, other factors can help you secure lower rates. For instance, your income dictates the maximum amount you can borrow, along with your rates. Having cash assets for more than three months’ living expenses also helps you qualify for low rates.


Besides having a regular source of income, there really aren’t any hurdles for you to get a home loan. Even subprime lenders offer zero down mortgages for those with adverse credit.

Invest Time For Better Rates

While cash assets and a large down payment will reduce your mortgage rates, finding the right lender will do more to save you money. When you take time to research a number of different financing companies, you can be sure you have found the best deal.

No one lender offers the best rates on every type of loan. That’s why it is important to ask for loan estimates based on your ideal loan. When you use the same set of numbers for loan quotes, you will get reliable figures to determine your mortgage choice.

Closing costs potentially can add thousands to the cost of a loan. So use the APR to find the lowest costing loan. The APR includes both the interest rate and fees.

Poor credit doesn’t have to prevent you from owning a home. There are lenders out there willing to offer you reasonable rates on a mortgage so you can fulfill your dream of buying a house.

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